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Change Log / V1.3 & V1.4
This change log is merged for versions 1.3 and 1.4.
Due to some issues affecting the curl timeout and the upgrade process when using command line/cron job, i've pushed these updates out with a matter of urgency.

Unfortunately due to a bug fixed in V1.4, the script isn't able to upgrade to the latest version automatically unless run in the web browser.
Change Log / V1.2
The final build of 2019! Resolving a few issues identified as a result of users who've got in contact.

  • BUG FIX: cPanel API CURL Timeout Added.
  • BUG FIX: WHM port value was being ignored.
  • COMMENT FIX: $config['whm_port'] comment referred to this as the cPanel login port value. This should be the port used for logging into WHM as per the variable name.

For a full list of commits/changes, see
WHM Backup Solutions Script Support / Re: "Run Account Backup" Cron Timing
Hi JCWacky,

Nothing bad will happen. The documentation guide refers to 10 minutes, to just reduce/balance out any backups. However, reducing this to even every 2 minutes shouldn't create much of an issue as behind the scenes. Each cPanel server is configured to only let backups be created when the server load is below a certain value (Set by your webhost or root user). If the server load is above that value it will simply be added to a queue until the server load drops enough for it to start processing backups.
Feature Requests / SCP Retention Script
For a while now, WHM Backup Solutions Backup Script has included not only the backup script but also a FTP retention script which allows you to maintain a certain number of backups on an FTP server. However, no such script yet exists for SCP.

Therefore a SCP retention script should be developed.
General Discussion / Forum Software Move
After spending a bit of time setting up the forum using PHPBB, I decided there was too many issues/bugs and have therefore decided to move our support forum to ElkArte.

The only difference is that, if you have previously registered on the forum you will have to re-register.
WHM Backup Solutions Script Support / Re: No Backups Required
Hi MaxHosting,

Welcome to the forum, on the documentation guide it lists 2 cron jobs.

The first is
Code: [Select]
php -q /home/user/whmbackupsolutions/whmbackup.php generate
This only needs to be run once a day/week/month etc, only when you want an actual backup to run.
You can run that cron job if you have put the script in a publicly accessible space e.g. /public_html/ by going to

The second is
Code: [Select]
php -q /home/user/whmbackupsolutions/whmbackup.php
This should be run every 5/10 minutes, when the first cron job is run it will backup an single account that's due it will then work through the list each time its run until all are complete. When no more accounts are due to be backed up, it will say "No Backups Required".
You can run that cron job if you have put the script in a publicly accessible space e.g. /public_html/ by going to

To resolve your error, you need to run the first cron job then run the second. This will then start the backups.
Id suggest you setup the cron jobs and then check the /logs/ folder, 30 minutes or an hour later. You should then have a log report appear.
Feature Requests / [UNDER DEVELOPMENT] Automated Installation & Configuration
One of the common issues I support is with users having trouble installing and configuring the script. While all variables are documented on the website, many have never edited PHP files or setup cron job's before and become a little stuck.

What i'm proposing is setting up a form on this website that would have the user enter the details required to upload the script and configure it step by step without the user ever having to edit a file themselves. I would also have the form setup and configure the cron job's.

However, this would require the users entering the cPanel and WHM credentials onto this website. While I would NEVER store the details, and manual installation would still be available, I do understand if people think this would not be appropriate.

Could you please let me know if this is something you think would be appreciated or not. I'd love to hear any comments you have.
Feature Requests / [UNDER DEVELOPMENT] Ability To Backup Just 1 cPanel Account
I've had several users approach me about whether the script can perform backups of just 1 cPanel account. As it currently stands the script requires a WHM login to retrieve a list of accounts, but the functionality to backup just 1 account is already there. Therefore it is my intention to modify the script to enable the backup of cPanel accounts that are NOT resellers.
General Discussion / cPanel's Pricing Structure Changes
cPanel has had the same pricing structure for years and years. Recently they announced significant changes, leading to potentially huge pricing increases for some customers. Across the industry, many of the smaller web hosts have announced they are migrating from cPanel to other control panels such as DirectAdmin.

For customers, does it matter if your web host migrates from cPanel to DirectAdmin for example to keep your costs down or would you want to remain with cPanel at all costs?

For VPS/Dedicated Server Owners, what are you planning on doing? Passing on the costs to your customers or migrating to another control panel?
Introductions / About Me, The Script Developer
Hi, I'm Pete.
I'm the developer of WHM Backup Solutions. This isn't the first bit of coding I've done. Previously I made a similar script called cPBackup, however in order to move on the script needed a full overhaul and at the time with University and Work going on. That wasn't going to happen any time soon, so I closed down the script and its website, to ensure people weren't running an unsupported script..... There's enough of those about as it is!!

A few years later with university finished and my job going well, I have a bit more time to spend developing online once again. This is when I started developing WHM Backup Solutions.

Since its initial release I've managed to keep up-to-date with the curve balls cPanel regularly throws, and from the stats on our update and download server I can see that the script is moving forward to a much wider audience as every month goes by.

The development of this script is personal to me so if anyone has any feedback please do let me know! It's greatly appreciated.
Change Log / V1.1
This release is to fix a few bugs discovered by users of version 1.0.
  • MODIFIED: Show mail function error if the script is unable to send an email.
  • MODIFIED: Log File Email Clarification, To aid with debugging email errors.
  • BUG FIX: Corrected Update Script Status.
  • ADDED: "Backup Initiated" clarification to the end of all log emails.

For a full list of commits/changes, see
Change Log / V1.0 - Major Upgrade
With over 12 versions of WHM Backup Solutions released since the first script release back in February 2018. The script is now stable and using the latest cPanel API's possible. We've also started to incorporate many features requested by our users and regularly fix any little bugs we identify. So with that its about time we upgrade to our first major version!

So what does this version actually change?
  • MODIFIED: Version Number 1.0
  • ADDED: Privileges Are Now Checked During Generation Of The Backup List.
  • ADDED: An Additional Privilege "basic-whm-functions" Is Now Required In Order To Check The Required Privileges
  • BUG FIX: "Undefined Variable" When Authentication Details Are Incorrect.
  • BUG FIX: If unresolvable WHM Hostname is given in the config file, the script would report HTTP 500 error.
  • BUG FIX: If an error occurred during the backup list generation, no email would be sent.
  • BUG FIX: Resolved Issues With Update Check Function.
  • MODIFIED: Allow sending of system.log in email_log function.
  • MODIFIED: Where possible, allow email to be sent containing system.log.
  • MODIFIED: Authentication Details Incorrect Error Message Revised.

Please note, there may be issues with auto-upgrading from previous versions to this version. The issues have been resolved in this version so all future upgrades shall be problem free.

As per usual, if you have any issues please get in touch!
Change Log / V0.12
With the UAPI implemented in V0.11 I've had a lot of feedback and discovered a couple little bugs relating to displaying of error messages. These have now all been fixed in V0.12. i

I have also done a little bit of tweaking to the auto update process. The current script version is now passed via an HTTP Header to help us collate what versions people are upgrading from. This can help us to ensure smooth version upgrades.

You can now download the latest version manually at or set your config.php to auto update for both major and minor versions.

Don't forget if you have any issues please open a discussion thread on this forum, email or contact us via the Facebook page.