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WHM Backup Solutions Script Support / The subprocess ended prematurely because it received the “KILL” (9) signal.

Thanks for this wonderful script.   Recently i've been having an issue with a larger account.  The strange thing is the backup completes alright - I use SFTP site and the file gets transferred okay..

But I received an alert that one account was out of disk space..  I noticed a large backup file that was sitting in the home directory...  and the user was out of disk space.  So i increased the disk space but the problem still happens.  I noticed this in the generated backup email.. below:

The backup file is named “backup-1.23.2020_01-00-02_xxxxxxx.tar.gz”
The backup transferred via “FTP” to the server “” as user “xxxxxxxxxx” in the “/” directory.
The backup process encountered the following error:
The subprocess ended prematurely because it received the “KILL” (9) signal.

When i examine the log file.. the last line instead of saying the file was transferred via ftp successfully.. it says
The subprocess ended prematurely because it received the “KILL” (9) signal with no ftp tranfer successfull message.

But strangely enough - the file appears to be transferred to the ftp site and it does say it was transferred in the email..     But because it doesn't think it has been transferred it wont remove the file from the account and disk space is getting chewed up.. that or the clean up script is failing - if it deletes the file does it permanently delete the file or put into a recycleing bin.. Maybe its not able to delete the file because of a space issue (if it's not permanently deleting the file).  If i delete the file manually it asks if i want to permanently delete the file i always choose yes.

So for now i've been manually remove the backup file - so there is no inturrption in email flow to the account (so it doesn't run out of disk space) .. but any idea what could be the issue?

I've check my ftp server - there is no limit on data transfer that i can see I'm using filezilla server - i see a file sitting there at 12GB's.. and its been growing.. after backups.

Is there anything in the script that would have a limit or ftp transfer?  I guess my next step would be to enable logging on filezilla.. i've yet to get the host involved; as the backup runs fine; i'm not sure it has anything to do with them at this point.

Anyone seen this error before - or have any idea what the problem might be.  At first i thought its the cleanup script? or a memory issue? but now i'm leaning towards an ftp transfer issue; although the file looks intact on the other side.. from what i can tell.