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Feature Requests / SFTP Support (No SCP)
My host ( are disabling the SCP command on all servers in a few weeks due to multiple outstanding security issues with SCP affecting PCI compliance.

They already don't allow insecure FTP. So presumably I will no longer be able to use WHM Backup Solutions?

I believe as you use the cPanel APIs, it would initially be up to cPanel to develop an SFTP backup transfer option (my host enquired with cPanel regarding this, but apparently it's unlikely to happen anytime soon).

But I thought I enquire about the possibility of manually implementing a backup option that doesn't use SCP/FTP and instead uses SFTP only. I assume you'd need to use the cPanel API to generate the backup and then manually implement the ability for the script to transfer it via SFTP.
WHM Backup Solutions Script Support / "Run Account Backup" Cron Timing
The instructions state that the "Run Account Backup" cron should be set to run every 10 mins. Just wondering the reasoning behind this value and what would happen if I were to reduce it to 5 mins? Do bad things happen if it tries to back up the next account before the previous one is complete?

With 100 accounts, backing up one every 10 mins takes over 16 hours, so just wondering if I can reduce this time by setting this cron to run more often?