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If your having issues and the documentation on the Installation or Configuration pages can’t resolve your answer, before you get in contact with us just take a look through our troubleshooting guide below to see if your issue has already been answered.

Only 1 cPanel account is being backed up.
To run the script there are 2 cron jobs that are required to be run. The first cron job runs php -q /home/user/whmbackupsolutions/whmbackup.php generate This first cron job creates the list of accounts to be backed up and is run when you want the backup to be scheduled.

The second cron job runs php -q /home/user/whmbackupsolutions/whmbackup.php without the generate in the path. This is run every 10 minutes, if a backup is to be created or not.

What happens is every 5/10 minutes the second cron job runs. This checks if an account needs backing up, if not it just stops and checks again in 10 minutes. However! If the first cron job has run and has created a list of accounts to backup. When the second cron job next runs it will realise that there are a list of accounts to be backed up and it will pick the first account on the list. It then asks your cPanel server to backup that account, and takes that account off the list of accounts to be backed up. 10 minutes later, the next time the second cron job runs it picks the next account to be backed up and so on.

If your only having the first account (In alphabetical order) backed up, then chances are your second cron job hasn’t run enough times to back up the remaining accounts.

To fix it, check your cron job is running every 10 minutes or try run the whmbackup.php script via SSH or the web browser.
Cron Job Keeps Saying No Backups Required.
When this message occurs when your expecting a backup to run this is usually because of an issue with how the 2 cronjobs required by the script have been setup.
First you need to confirm you have set-up the script as per Step 6 on the following page. https://whmbackup.solutions/documentation/installation/. The reason you are receiving the ‘No Backups Required’ is because the generate cron job has not yet been run.

A summary of how the backup script works, the second “backup” cronjob in Step 6 on the url above, checks if a backup is required every 10 minutes. If there are no backups required it just outputs ‘No Backups Required’, if there are backups required then each time it runs it will backups a single cPanel account until all backups are complete.

The first “generate” cronjob in Step 6 on the url above, is the one that decides when to start backups, it also defines what to be backed up. This cron job is run when you want a backup created e.g. daily, weekly, monthly etc. For a more detailed explanation on how the script works please see https://whmbackup.solutions/documentation/how-does-the-backup-script-work/.

If you are still having issues after checking through the installation guide please get in touch.
How do I run the scripts with register_argv_argc disabled?
If your having problems running the generate script because your server has register_argv_argc disabled, please copy the following code and save it as a new file called “whmbackup-generate.php” in the script root directory (Same folder as whmbackup.php).
<?php $_GET = array("generate" => TRUE); include("whmbackup.php"); ?>
Your cron job should then run
php -q /home/user/whmbackupsolutions/whmbackup-generate.php
instead of
php -q /home/user/whmbackupsolutions/whmbackup.php generate
The backup script says 'Backup Initiated' but no backup has been generated.
This backup script doesn’t actually create the backups, this script just passes the details to the cPanel server at the right time. The result of “Backup Initiated” is shown when the script has successfully contacted the cPanel server hosting the account to be backed up and receives a successful response. Therefore the cPanel server has successfully received the request to create a backup of the account. The reasons a backup hasn’t been created may be numerous, e.g. Incorrect FTP/SCP details, Server Load too high, Server Owner has restricted hours of the day backups can be created on the cPanel server etc.

Before you ask your web host what the problem is I suggest you login to cPanel as the account to be backed up, go to Backups -> Full Backup then copy the values from the config.php file into the fields shown. If a backup is generated please get in touch as this points towards this backup script being at fault. If no backup is generated please get in touch with your web host asking why the backup hasn’t been created, manually or via the script.
Error Message, Token Denied, List Account - Permission Denied or cPanel Version: Permission Denied When Using API Token For Authentication
When using the API Token you can limit what privileges that specific token can have. While this script doesn’t require many permissions it does require the following 3 permissions.
Initial Privileges
– Basic System Information “basic-system-info”
– Perform cPanel API and UAPI functions through the WHM API “cpanel-api”
Account Information
– List Accounts “list-accts”
Please ensure you have the 3 above permissions enabled then try run the generate and or backup script again.

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WHM Backup Solutions Free, Opensource cPanel Reseller Backup Automation Script

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