WHM Backup Solutions Free, Opensource cPanel Reseller Backup Automation Script

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’ve been contacted by many people since the script has been released, a lot of the questions as typically very similar. Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

Can the backups be used to restore a cPanel account?
Yes, the backups are generated by your cPanel server and not this script. Therefore the backups are genuine full cPanel account backups containing everything. To restore an account just give the backup to the server owner, as full account restoration can only be done using the root user.
Can I use the script to move a cPanel account from one server to another?
Yes, the script can generate the backup and transfer it via FTP/SCP onto the new server. Please note however that upon restoration of the accounts on the new server, the DNS settings may need to be altered to point to the new server’s IP address.
How does the script login to my reseller?
There are 3 authentication options available: Username/Password, Username/Remote Access Key or Username/API Token. Once authenticated using one of the 3 methods above, the script then connects using an official cPanel API to list the accounts to backup and then generate the backups.
Can I have multiple backup schedules?
Yes, the script can have multiple configuration files and therefore multiple backup schedules. For more information on setting up multiple configuration files please see our configuration page.
Is my configuration data secure?
I have made every effort to ensure the script and any authentication data is secure. However please note that cPanel API’s require an unencrypted password/remote access key/api token to authenticate. Therefore while there is a configuration option to obscure the configuration file. This can be reversed and therefore accessed if someone logs into the cPanel account which hosts the script. I advise to use cPanel’s API Token and restrict the access rights down to listaccounts only.
How can I select what accounts to back up?
The easy configuration of the script allows you to backup all accounts or backup based on username, package name, ip address, domain name or account owner. You can also specify individual accounts to backup or exclude.
When using the API Tokens, what permissions do I need to enable?
When using the API Token you can limit what privileges that specific token can have. While this script doesn’t require many permissions it does require the following 3 permissions. Initial Privileges – Basic System Information “basic-system-info” – Perform cPanel API and UAPI functions through the WHM API “cpanel-api” Account Information – List Accounts “list-accts”
WHM Backup Solutions Free, Opensource cPanel Reseller Backup Automation Script

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