Version Change Log

A brief description of changes between each version is listed below.

Version No. Description Date
0.7 Add Multiple Config Functionality.
Resolved Uncaught XML-API Error.
Tidied Code.
0.6 Bug Fixes For FTP Retention Script.
Added Passive FTP connection for FTP Retention Script.
Changed Check Version URL to
0.5 Bug Fixes For FTP Retention Script.
Code Comments Added/Modified On FTP Retention Script.
0.4 New FTP Backup Retention Feature Added.
Authentication Error Added.
Several Bug Fixes.
0.3 Updated to resolve issues when backup $config['backup_email'] is empty. 19/02/2018
0.2 Updated to reference
Set $config['check_version'] default to 2 (Notify of major and minor updates)
0.1 First Version! 01/02/2018