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Free, Opensource cPanel Reseller Backup Automation Script

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Protect Your Website's From Data Loss

If you have your own cPanel reseller account, then there's a high chance that your web host manages the backups for all your cPanel accounts held within your reseller. Do you know how often they take backups? What precautions they take to ensure your website data is safe? Do you know what would happen in the event that your web host closed down?

Take control of your website backups with WHM Backup Solutions, a FREE and open source PHP script that allows you to schedule backups of all accounts within a reseller storing backups safely within the account home directory, a remote FTP server or even remote SCP storage.

cPanel API's

Official cPanel API's are used in this script. WHM API 1 to list all the accounts in your reseller and cPanel API 1 to perform the backup of each account.

Backup Criteria

You can choose the accounts you need to back up based on username, package, ip address, domain name or owner. You can even exclude accounts based on their username.


You can choose to authenticate to your reseller using either your reseller password, authentication hash or API tokens.


WHM Backup Solutions script is provided FREE of charge and is released under a GNU GPL 3.0 or later license. So you can use, browse, edit and even re-distribute as long as the source code remains free.


Connections to your reseller account are secure, using official cPanel API's and SSL connections where available. All script files are stored on your server with config files optionally obscured for additional peace of mind. No information is sent from this script to anywhere else and there's no need to give third party access to your reseller. Don't believe us? Download the script and check the code for yourself, it's opensource :)


Need help installing or configuring the script? Get in contact with me via our facebook page here.

Read our documentation for installation, configuration options and troubleshooting techniques.

Download Script


If you have any questions, issues or want help with installing and configuring the script for use on your reseller account please email me peter@whmbackup.solutions or message me via our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/whmbackupsolutions/.



  • Multiple Bug Fixes For Backup Script.
  • Added Exclusion & Suspended Accounts to Generate Account List Output.


  • Add Multiple Config Functionality.
  • Resolved Uncaught XML-API Error.
  • Tidied Code.